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Law firm “Ivanchov & Partners”

We at Law firm “Ivanchov & Partners” hand in hand with our clients. Our accent is on honesty, dedication, experience, ambition and our main goal is a maximum result for our clients. Our advice is pursuant on our individual needs and definitions of success. For us trust must be earned. Legal advice is a matter of confidence. We take the success of our clients as a something much more than just a job, but a task to for securing their future.

Lawyers in Law firm “Ivanov & Partners”:

  • Vladislav Ivanchov (managing partner). Expertise: criminal law, taxation, banking law, administrative law, labour law, inheritance law, legal representation, European law and European regulations.
  • Tsvetelina Miteva (consultant). Expertise: public procurement, intellectual property, patent law, contractual and company law.
We do not just want our clients to trust the quality of our service and work, but we invite you to gain that confidence through successfully realized projects.
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Consulting with a lawyer

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