Administrative Law

Administrative Law is an exclusively important law branch regulating mainly, but not only the relationships between citizens and the State, on one hand, and State and legal entities, on the other hand. It is important when considering the allocation among different authorities. Legislative authority and, in particular, the National Assembly, prepares and adopts the laws in the country, executive authority in the face of the Council of Ministers sets the laws into action, and the third authority – judicial authority, monitors their proper enforcement. Here, all procedures related with administration, such as the issuing of licenses, deeds and others are included. Falling into this branch are the different procedures for appealing of refusals of requests filed with the State institutions. Falling here are also the appealing procedures provided in regulatory deeds, such as: the Concession Act, the Public Procurement Act, the Tax and Social Security Procedure Code, deeds of the State and municipal administration and more. The competent courts authorized to hear administrative disputes are the Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), whereas the procedure is a two-instance one. The first instance is the Administrative Court and the second instance is the SAC. It is possible for the procedure to develop as a first instance before the SAC, whereas the latter shall also serve as a second instance. In conclusion, it may be said that, in this judicial sector, the stakeholders might pursue their rights regarding actions or inactions of the State authorities, as well as to request the papers and documents needed for their interests. In the field of Administrative Law, “Ivanchov & Partners” offer the following services, among others:

  • Overall communication with State authorities in relation with administrative procedures;
  • Overall communication with Municipal authorities in relation with administrative procedures;
  • Appealing of administrative deeds of any nature whatsoever issued by municipalities, agencies, commissions, institutions, the Committee for Protection of Competition, the State Commission on Gambling, the State Automobile Administration (SAA), the Traffic Control Police (TCP) and more;
  • Appealing of penal awards;
  • Demanding State liability under the State and Municipality Liability for Damages Caused by Them Act (SMLDCTA);
  • Providing assistance to foreign natural persons and legal entities in relation with administrative provisions;
  • Providing legal assistance to foreigners regarding the acquisition of residence, citizenship, visas and communication with embassies;
  • Providing assistance in relation with the acquisition of licenses and permits in the building field, pawnshops, transportation of cargoes and passengers and more;
  • Preparation of public procurement papers and documents;
  • Procedural representation before all court instances;