Changes in the Memorandums of Associations


My name is Karolina Kirilova. Regarding the last changes in the Commercial Act from 2017 we are interested in the following:

According to these changes, the general meeting of partners / the single owner of the capital has the powers to:

  • admit and expel partners, give consent on the transfer of an interest to a new partner;
  • resolve on the increase or decrease of the registered capital;
  • appoint a manager;
  • resolve on the acquisition or alienation of real property and real rights therein, etc.

Resolutions under the items above shall be recorded in writing. The records must bear a notary seal certifying the partners’ signatures and content done simultaneously. The partners have to appear in person before the notary in the particular city or state.

Our management wishes to amend the Memorandums of Association for all our companies. Please, note, every Association should provide an article stating the resolutions mentioned above shall be executed in ordinary written form that doesn’t require a notarial certification. We do need your legal assistance for this service in regard to a total of five Companies.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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