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My name is Димитрина Иванова, a business development specialist for Clever Choises AD. Our company is planning on acquiring a minority share of a small Bulgarian firm, which was developed in April, 2016.

We are looking for a law firm to draw up a company contract. We need to:

  • Have prepared a Due diligence analysis (we are looking for underwater stones such as liabilities we do not know about, etc.).
  • Shape the deal in a way the money we’re planning on spending (50,000 BG) for purchasing a share, goes to the newly acquired company. (Certainly, there must be an increase in the capital, but the question is whether first, there shoud be a sale of shares by the owner of the small company to Clever Choises, and second, an increase in the capital or a straight increase where the current owner of the small company does not participate.)
  • Condition: If needed, Smart Organic will be a guarantor on overdraft taken from a bank by the small business for additional funding.

We are waiting for your reply in timely fashion.
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