At Ivanchov & Partners Law Firm we work with companies from the IT, technology and outsourcing sectors that face serious difficulties due to non-compliance of the legislative framework and would like their documents, actions and policies to be in legal compliance.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we focus on developing expertise in the industry. What also distinguishes us is that we are focused on ensuring that our clients are legally secured through specialized knowledge, such as liability due artificial intelligence error, types of liability for IT outsourcing, incorrect algorithm and compliance with applicable law.

And thanks to this, our clients receive full legal compliance with their documentation, actions and policies of both Bulgarian and European legislation. As a result, the responsibility regarding their contractors and documents is optimized,  inspections from state institutions always end positively, their contracts are bulletproof and the business is legally secured. And the best thing is that the legal support is paid many times, as a result of prevented problems and realized opportunities.

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