At Ivanchov & Partners Law Firm we work with companies from sectors such as construction, transport, IT – technology – outsourcing,  postal and courier services, real estate, traders and merchants who need a competent legal support. Our clients also want to work with a trusted law firm who can cover all their legal needs. Full legal compliance is the biggest desire of our clients, regarding their documents, actions and policies. We also provide collection of debts, tax advice and other relevant legal services.

What set us apart is that we focus on developing expertise in business security and preventive intervention. What also distinguishes us is that we are focused to ensure that our clients are legally secured, through specialized knowledge, as well as through our own specially developed legal protection program “SENTINEL“.

And thanks to this, our clients receive full compliance regarding their documentation, actions and policies of both Bulgarian and European legislation. As a result, the risks are preventively eliminated, all contracts and legal documents cover in full their interests, there are no gaps in the tax policies, they receive high collection of their debts and the business is legally ensured. And the best thing is that the legal support is paid in full, as a result of prevented problems and realized opportunities.

In our law firm we believe that regardless of the business, sector and field of activity, there are legal points to which every corporate structure should pay attention. Let’s think about the following points:

– We all work with money, deliver goods and services, sign legal documents with contractors, issue invoices with deferred payments, establish bank guarantees and letters of credit. It is not uncommon for counterparties to delay their payments and this leads to negative consequences for the business. At Ivanchov & Partners Law Firm we offer proven methodology for debt collection;

– Often, there is a legal change that directly affects our business. In case of non awareness, which is not uncommon, the organization we lead suffers and the question we ask is- “If only someone had told me.” By the way, this applies with full force to any idea or initiative;

– Every business has a workforce that requires specific knowledge in the field of labor legislation;

– Absolutely all of us pay taxes and regarding this we need tax consultants;

– We all sign contracts, agreements, annexes and other legal papers. We are on the absolute opinion that all legal documents should be revised by a specialist before their finalization;

– For some more often, for some not so much, but definitely universally valid are the possibilities of sanctions by government agencies, in which appropriate action should be taken to protect your rights and interests.

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