Development of business in Bulgaria by foreign persons

The Bulgarian State is undoubtedly an attractive destination for the development of various business fields and industries. The low tax tariffs, together with the low amount of the working remunerations compared to Westеrn European countries and our membership in the European Union attracted quite many investors not only from Western Europe, but also from all around the world. The profit tax based on proportional taxation, i.е. you pay a fixed tax regardless of the income you get, is maybe one of the reasons for this. An example of this growth is the outsource industry which offered attractive working remunerations coupled with attractive social benefits, which provided some fresh air to business in general and to a certain extent stopped the outflow of young people from Bulgaria. The other fields with such such examples are marketing and IT.

We, at “Ivanchov & Partners”, understand that each foreign entrepreneur should be accompanied by a specialized advisor who will assist them through all development stages – from the very beginning to the moment in which the business starts to generate profit. Undoubtedly, this is everyone’s objective. First, of course, the appropriate legal and organizational form should be chosen, which complies with the business maker  needs. The other necessary things are tax planning, choosing adequate accountancy, advice on various legal issues concerning the business activity, and of course, a market and a PR expert, who will distribute the word about the offered goods or service. Our law office has in its disposition a wide range of partners whom we may offer to the foreign entrepreneurs whereas, jointly with our friends from the PR house, we create individual decisions and specialized concepts complying with the specifics of the different fields.

We offer the following services in this field:


  • Offers for the choice of legal and organizational form;
  • Establishment of a business company;
  • Communication with State and Municipal authorities in case of need;
  • License regimes;
  • Tax advice;
  • Labour Law advice;
  • Offers for the choice of accounting house;
  • Assistance with Piar’s need and marketing strategies;
  • Internet and on-line regulations.