Intellectual property

Intellectual Property is a specific law branch regulating the rights over literary works, pieces of art and science. Here also pertain industrial designs, technical and photographic works, computer programmes, inventions, films, books. Since this list is incomplete for such a motley sector, to get a better idea, several examples will be provided.

The trade mark, for instance, is an image which, through symbols, letters and figures individualizes a given product, service or brand. For instance, the yellow „М“ represents one of the biggest fast-food chains, „McDonalds“, the yellow-red mussel represents the „Shell“ chain of petrol stations. Everyone knows that the blue square with a white letter „f” symbolizes the biggest and best developed social network „Facebook“ with over 2 (two) billions of users. The criteria trademarks should comply with are their uniqueness, and naturally, they should be in line with the publically adopted moral and legal norms.

Industrial Design is a series of indicators which individualize and make a given product unique, and it is a constant part of Intellectual Property. An example of this might be the bottle of probably the most distributed brand of alcohol-free beverages, namely – Coca Cola. The external layout, the design, the red label with the white inscription engraved within it constitutes the sign which makes the product stand out among the rest of its kind on the market. The sector is regulated by the Industrial Design Act.

In their essence, inventions constitute innovative solutions satisfying public needs. The fields may be different – medical devices, mechanical construction, computer hardware and other. The legal regulation is provided by the Patent Act.

Here, the protection of these rights is regulated in both the initial phase, as well as afterwards, in case of violated rights. We, at “Ivanchov & Partners”, provide a wide range of services, such as, among others:

Интелектуална собственост

  • Registration and protection of Bulgarian, European and international trade marks;
  • Legal defence and assistance regarding the ownership of products in the field of science, literature and art;
  • Legal advice in relation with copyright and its related rights;
  • Comprehensive legal assistance in relation with industrial design;
  • Legal assistance during the development, use and protection of inventions;
  • License trade in industrial and intellectual property objects;
  • Advice regarding geographic denotations;
  • Check-ups regarding identical elements and characteristics of intellectual property subjects;
  • Procedural representation before the competent courts, the Patent Office and all relevant institutions regarding intellectual property.