How long have you been practicing law and why are you doing this?

The idea of ​​the legal profession originated in me from a very early age and it can be said that I have always accepted the legal profession as my recognition. I have always had a sense of аvocation and awareness. What do I mean by awareness? From the moment I started my studies, I started working as an intern in a law firm so that the theory could be put into practice. At the end of my fifth year, I had gained enough experience, which definitely gave me a competitive advantage over the other students.

Was it easy?

It was everything, but easy. I worked for 10 – 12 hours, studies, exam preparations, etc. Additionally, in the 4th year I started a one-year master’s degree in “Taxation”, which gave me a good look at tax law. In general, it was not easy at all. After graduation I worked briefly in 2 / two / companies, leaders in their sectors, as a legal consultant. Unfortunately or not, this definitely did not satisfy my legal thirst, which I had acquired during my internship. I wanted to be involved in such legal matters that really helps people and businesses, so they can achieve the results they want.

The concept for a law firm was born many years ago and it was realized in January 2016. The start, as every beginning was not smooth, but with perseverance, focus and dedication to each client, we achieve growth every year. For 5 years now, our customers аre receiving high levels of satisfaction, efficiency and complacency.

The main fundament that gives these results is the structure of steps that we provide for every  business and individual approach to each client, in which each corporate structure receives security and compliance with their documents, actions and policies.

This is how we created our own legal protection program “SENTINEL”. The strategies in the program are working and give the business legal security, which is key for sustainable growth and development. We are now committed of helping people and businesses in their goals and initiatives.

Who are your clients ?

At Ivanchov & Partners Law Firm we work with business owners, CEO’s and people managing corporate structures. We help businesses achieve high levels of preventive and legal security. We work with companies in areas such as construction, transportation, manufacturers, all kinds of traders and merchants, technology, IT, outsourcing, accounting, marketing and much more.

What if you haven’t worked with clients in my industry before?

As a law firm working mainly with business structures, our focus in working with everyone is in two major directions:

1.) To make changes in the direction in which the legal moments and risk prevention are considered, through a clear focus and discipline in the pursuit of results.


2.) compliance with the current legislative framework – proven strategic approaches that we have adopted over the years.

So, no matter what industry your business is in, we will approach with proven methodologies and step by step we will work together for predictable growth.

What do you do for your customers?

In Ivanchov and Partners we are focused on your results. That is why, for more than a decade, I have been studying issues that concern business and companies. Thanks to the fact that we are fully and completely committed to each case, we have solved hundreds of problems and prevented many more. We have successfully improved helping people and businesses not only to realize the need for qualified legal support, but also its implementation. I, myself am naturally strong in being focused, disciplined and try to maximize the results from the available resources, which of course I pass on to my team on a daily basis.

What is your legal approach ?

In my legal protection program, we are focused on achieving results for our clients. And even though I call my packages “Legal Protection Program”, but they are much more than that. We have included many models, experience, advices and most of all, the needs of the business are analyzed depending on the current situation. We provide creative solutions and best techniques that you can apply to your status. You will have constant support from me and my team. The program is designed to take steps and ensure that the business is legally secured.

And there is a reason for that.

From the very beginning of working in the legal profession, I have invested many hours of training and work. I’ve been focused on legal matters for more than 10 years. I’ve researched the specific needs, depending on the size of the business – small, medium or large. However, these needs are different and not only in terms of size, but also in terms of how much, attention is paid to legal issues. It is undeniable, however, that everyone needs legal security. That’s why I created “SENTINEL” in a way that provides all this.

At SENTINEL we are legally working on:

1. Minimize losses; 

2. Compliance of your documents, policies and initiatives;

3. Information about every legal change;

4. Avoiding costly and lengthy litigation;

5. Risk assessment.

Does SENTINEL work?

Absolutely. You can also see reviews of some of my clients by visiting this page.

Can I contact former or current clients to get feedback from them?

Absolutely. I encourage you to read my customer reviews here. I encourage you to contact them so you get information from a third person, what is to work with my Law firm.

How can I be sure that I will get legal results for my business  ?

The SENTINEL legal protection program is based on significant experience and knowledge accumulated from the acquired practice over the years. This is a number of seminars, trainings and activities related to our experience as a Law firm. Clients who work with SENTINEL and have trusted our Law Firm achieve legal security and safety that they would not accomplished if they work alone.

Will I get back the investment I make in the program and legal services?

Definitely Yes! Through our expertise you will achieve high business security and receive preventive intentions in case of possible legal risks. The idea is all legal documents to be developed and revized by us, assess the risk, to give the opinions regarding initiatives, as well as to provide procedural representation in case of need.

I want to work with Ivanchov and Partners. What are the options I have?

Congratulations on making the decision to be fully legally secured. We will be happy to work together. The SENTINEL legal protection program is divided into 3 packages within your needs. You can choose between the following options:


This option is for businesses with a significant need of legal support, intensive documents and high-risk operations. Here you receive full and complete service concerning your legal issues


This opportunity is for businesses with an average need for legal support. The program covers legal issues, volume and scope necessary for risk assessment, damage prevention and realization of opportunities, with a perspective for sustainable growth of your structure.


This opportunity is for companies with a basic need for legal support. The program covers legal issues which every business owner needs to pay attention.

I like it, I want to know which program I want. How to start?

Great! One of the significant differences for people who are successful is that they make big decisions quickly. This skill leads them to achieve results long after the others. It is known that people make decisions with courage, based mostly on their intuition. So if you feel that working will get you results, act!

Write to and or call +359 893 483 463.

I have more questions, can I call?

Of course. If you have any questions, write to or call +359 893 483 463 and we will give you answers to everything you are interested in and recommend you which is the most suitable program for you.

Lets start !!!

We define success together !!!