Labour law

Labour Law is a major legal branch regulating the legal relationships between workers and employees, on the one hand, and employers, on the other hand. The field is quite extensive, concerning all persons who exercise activity under employment relationships. It is important to note that employment relationships are such of authority and submission, therefore, the employer orders, and the worker, on his/her part, implements. It should be emphasized that the employment relationship is a relationship for valuable consideration. The workers and employees are hired for their personal qualities; therefore, the employment relationship may not be assigned or inherited.

The relevant regulatory action is the Labour Code, where mainly, but not only, the employment rights and obligations are regulated. We have in mind the terms of the employment relationships, the leaves, the rules concerning working discipline, the imposing of disciplinary punishments, accordingly their complying with law imposing and confirmation. Here, the provision about occupational accidents should also be mentioned, which should compensate the workers and employees in case of occurrence of a negative event concerning their life and health. Where such hypotheses concerning risky occupations are available, but not only, the employer should have concluded insurance contracts for his/her workers and employees. It is absolutely mandatory for the employer to provide healthy and safe working conditions, conducting the required instructions and trainings in this respect.

Labour remuneration should be considered depending on the type of job which is performed, whereas here, there are also a number of influencing factors, in particular, what is the type of work – night or over-time, work during national holidays, whether increase of the working remuneration is due for production reasons and other.

In relation with Labour Law, “Ivanchov & Partners” provide advice to both employers and workers:

Трудово право

  • Complete legal assistance to employers concerning labour law;
  • Legal opinions regarding the imposing of disciplinary punishments;
  • Advice in relation with civil contracts and subscription services;
  • Court and out-of-court resolving of disputes concerning occupational accidents;
  • Preparation of papers and documents for all sorts of labour law disputes;
  • Representation before the competent courts and all court instances concerning issues related with staff reduction, disciplinary punishments, staff dismissing and other legal disputes;
  • Preparation of employment contracts, confidential agreements and statements, rules on the internal working order, instructions, and papers and documents relevant to the field;
  • Conducting of negotiations between employees and employers;
  • Advice regarding the conclusion and termination of employment relationships;