With our own developed system for legal protection and support – “SENTINEL” we offer a unique method of business security. Thanks to this, our clients receive full compliance with their documentation, actions and policies of both Bulgarian and European legislation. As a result, the risks are preventively eliminated, their contracts are armored and their business is legally insured. And the best thing is that the legal support is paid many times, as a result of the prevented problems and the realized opportunities.

The individual packages are different in volume and scope of the provided service. Which option is best for you?



This option is for businesses with high need of legal support, intensive paperwork and high risk operations. Here you receive a complete and comprehensive service concerning your legal issues.


This opportunity is for businesses with an average need of legal support. The program covers legal issues, in scope and volume, necessary for risk assessment, damage prevention and realization of opportunities for sustainable business growth.


This opportunity is for companies with a basic need of legal support. The program covers legal issues that every business should pay attention regarding their view of business growth.


Each package is specially designed according to the needs of every business. The main goal is each of our clients to be legally secured.

Does this system work? YES!

The concept of the whole program is not to work on individual issues, but to cover the entire business from a legal point of view, through an outsourced legal department. In this way we become a trusted law firm, aiming at the growth of your structure.

Our service leads to the following benefits and advantages:

– It is more profitable than hiring a jurist on an employment contract. This way you save on insurance, facilities and etc.;

– Minimization of costs, in case of need for legal representation before various institutions;

– We eliminate the grounds for non-compliance with the current legislation;

– We protect your rights, equalize and increase your positions in contractual relations;

– We save efforts on the part of the company, which are non-specific for the employees;

– It is not necessary to allocate human resources, so the employees can focus on specific tasks entirely to advantage of the company;

– At each stage of the procedure, you will be informed in a timely manner and this way you will be able to control the process;

– You are aware of how far we have come and how quickly you can expect a solution in order to carry out the relevant planning.

– We do not undertake action and do not spend money on unnecessary attempts to settle an issue or initiative in case of impossibility;

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