Процесуално представителство и принудително изпълнение

Litigation is the authorization of one person to execute certain acts instead of another person in their name and at their expense, before the different judicial, State or Municipal authorities. Generally speaking, a natural person or a legal entity hires an Attorney-at-Law or another person stipulated by law who has the rights to perform such functions, to implement representative or defensive activities in relation with their interests. In this legal field, we shall pay attention to the procedural representation concerning Attorneys-at-Law.

According to a dependence from the law matter, procedural representation before a court is implemented under civil, trade, administrative, tax and penal actions. Under civil actions, the Attorney-at-Law may represent physical persons or legal entities of various kinds. The legal entities include all business companies (Limited Liability Companies – LTD/SLTD, Joint-Stock Companies – JSC/SJSC, Limited Partnerships – LP and more). Apart from these, they include banking and non-banking institutions, other credit institutions, insurance companies, State institutions, municipalities and the like. The representation under administrative and tax actions is identical. As regards penal actions, the situation is somewhat different, at least as regards the name of the procedural representative. While in the first three types of actions, he/she is a trustee or putting it more simply, a representative, in the actions of penal nature we speak of defender/council for the defence. Irrespective of the type of judicial procedures, it is of exclusive importance for the Attorneys-at-Law to prepare a specific strategy and an individual concept for maximal protection regarding the rights and interests of their clients.

The Attorney-at-Law may also perform representative functions before non-judicial authorities, such as the National Revenue Agency, the National Social Security Institute, the Trade Register, the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency, Municipalities and other, obtaining tax estimates, sketches, certificates and more.

At “Ivanchov & Partners”, we represent our clients everywhere needed, while including the following services:

  • Procedural representation under civil and trade actions;
  • Procedural representation under administrative and tax actions;
  • Procedural representation under penal actions;
  • Overall legal support of banking and non-banking credit institutions;
  • Complete legal service of insurance companies and insurance brokers;
  • Legal assistance before State and Municipal structures;