My name is Vladislav Ivanchov and I am the managing partner of Ivanchov & Partners Law Firm. From the very beginning of my career as a lawyer, more than 10 years ago, I noticed that most of the business structures were experiencing serious difficulties due to poor information on the legal framework, unsustainable legal documents and policies. All this leads to serious losses on one hand and unrealized opportunities on the other. I even saw how some businesses literally went bankrupt for these reasons. I discussed this matter with entrepreneurs, managers, CEO’s regarding the necessity change concerning their legal policy, with only one goal – sustainable business growth. Unfortunately, I failed. They did not realize the need for change. What do you think – can a bad contract, uncoordinated promotion, policy, action, risk assessment or if you want even an unsupported documents from the point of view of labor legislation, could create problems ? The answer is definitely YES. It may be my fault that I failed to convince entrepreneurs of the need for legal protection. That doesn’t mean I stopped trying.

Long time ago we worked on single tasks with our regular customers. I could see that some times we were helping, but at others it was too late. Everything was ex post facto, the clients had undertake the non-compliance or unprofitable action and we had a hard time fixing it. At one point, that changed. More and more of our clients realized the need for a overall and complete legal service. This motivated us to create a system for comprehensive legal services and prevention. With our preventative Compliance product called SENTINEL, we have contributed to the legal security of our business clients. As a result of Sentinel, we are focused on helping our customers preventively. The companies no longer worried about whether their documents, actions and policies were secured, whether they would be surprised by a new legislative change and whether they would assess the risk adequately, because they already had us as their consultants.

As a result of our service, for our clients, we have secured huge revenues with contractors on one hand and saved millions of euro on the other, due to unprofitable deals, policies and actions.

From that moment on, we have dedicated ourselves to be a Trusted Law Firm for our clients and to help their development.