Registration of a company and trademarks

Административно право


We are a small start-up company and we are planning to start production and distribution of cosmetic products in September. I would like to ask you to support us about the following matters:

  • Legal consulting concerning registration of a company, trademarks, legal inspection of the whole legal framework and EU regulation regarding the production of cosmetic products (Home-made).
  • What kind of papers do we need, concerning our activities
  • Registration of a company: Single Person Limited Liability Company (SPLTD), without personnel at the beginning and without VAT (Value Added Tax) registration;
  • When other company makes our products, do we have in any way to protect our know – how? If the answer is “Yes”, can you protect us regarding this matter?
  • Registration of a trademark including Logo for Bulgaria and EU.
  • Preparation of contracts and amendments regarding copyrights for designs, brochures, photos, photo sessions and etc.

If you can think of anything that should be part of the process and could help us develop our business, we will be more than happy to hear your suggestions.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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