Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for use of the website

The using of the website ivanchovandpartners.com, called in short “site” is bound with the present general terms and conditions. They define the conditions, which every visitor and user should take into consideration and accept, when using the site. In case that the user is not agreed with the present conditions, he/she will be asked not to use the site.

General information

Art. 1 Any personal information, which is required, when the forms “Consultation” and “Online payment” are filled out (Name, Surname, E-mail, Telephone number for contact) is strictly confidential and won’t be distributed in any form or anywhere on the site.

Art. 2 When the form “Consultation” is filled out, an inquiry will be automatically generated and will be sent to the e-mail of the attorney’s office.

Art. 3 The asked question from the form for “Consultation” may be edited from Latin into Cyrillic, to be removed spelling mistakes, to be corrected grammatically and to be published on the site in the section “Inquiries”, as the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act should be taken into consideration. As author of the question, as well the written in the text of the inquiry names of physical persons and legal entities, will be replaced by others, arbitrary chosen names.

Art. 4 The attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law has the right to choose which of the questions to be published on the site and which not to be published.

Art. 5 The attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law engage himself/herself explicitly to answer all the questions, asked in the form “Consultation. He/She has the right personally to assess if he/she is competent enough to give an adequate answer on given case. The answer is received within 3 workdays. In case that the question is asked unclearly or the same is incomplete and/or inaccurate, the attorney may ask the user to remove the inaccuracy as the attorney should give instructions for that. In this case, the three-day term starts after the inaccuracy is removed by the user and when the form of the inquiry is paid, the term starts after the inaccuracy is removed by the user and the payment of the amount due is made. The consultation includes to 3 subsequent inquiries (respectively answers for them) under the question asked.

Art. 6 The using of the service “Consultation” doesn’t bind in any way either the user, or the attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law. The accepting of work for given legal matter, takes place only after respective agreement for that.

Art. 7 The site isn’t developed with the purpose of advertising under the Code on professional ethics of lawyers.

Art. 8 The attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law isn’t responsible for the correctness, accuracy and the thoroughness of the information on the site.

Art. 9 The attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law has the right to filter, correct and erase comments on questions, discussed on the site.

Art. 10 The attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law has the right to send electronic messages from any kind to the users, who have sent legal inquiry or question through the site.

Art. 11 All the images, texts and other information, published on the site of Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law are presented only for information purposes. All authors’ rights and rights of intellectual property, connected with this site, its design logo, texts and pictures remain legal rights of  “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law and are under the protection  of the Copyright and related rights Act.

Art. 12 Any copying, reproduction, transmission, distribution, publication, presentation, trade use or creation of secondary products from the contents of this site or parts of it, without provided copyrights (without the preliminary consent of the author) is prohibited. Every person, who doesn’t take into consideration the above mentioned requirements, bears civil, administrative and/or penal responsibility for his/her actions and/or inactions.

Art. 13. The site “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law of contains references to other sites. They are mentioned only for the user’s convenience and the attorney’s office doesn’t bear responsibility for the contents of these sites.


The service “Blog”:

Art. 14 The author publications are only under principled matters of the law. In them there is information in summarized and often abstract and/or scientific form and therefore it is meant only for presentation of general and personal professional point of view under the discussed matter. The articles and comments in the blog have no purpose to be a substitute of detailed legal analysis, of analysis on concrete theme and/or matter of law, neither of professional legal advice.

Art. 15 The articles, comments and standpoints on the site don’t represent a legal advice or form of legal assistance.

Art. 16 The attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law isn’t responsible in any way for damages, caused to anybody by actions or inactions as a result of any part of the publications, comments and standpoints in the blog.

Art. 17 The publications and the contents in the blog are author and remain under the protection of the Copyright and related rights Act. For violations of the author’s right, the violator bears civil, administrative and penal responsibility.

Art. 18. All the articles from the columns in the blog may be quoted only after obligatory indication of the author, the date of publication and his/her web address.


The service “Online consultation”

Art. 19 The consultation, which “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law offers may be in paid and unpaid form. The unpaid consultation includes inquiries about matters whether the attorney’s office works in the respective branch of the law, when and how can be made consultation hours, as well other inquiries under matters, which don’t constitute factual or legal complexity and there is no need from research of court practice. The other inquiries are in paid form. After an inquiry is made, if the same is in paid form, an attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law informs the user and gives him/her instructions for payment of the sum due for the consultation, as the attorney mentions the amount and the possible ways for payment.

Art. 20 Only an attorney from “Ivanchov & Partners”, Attorneys at Law has the right to assess which inquiry should be paid and which not. The price of the consultation of paid inquiry is in a size of 30 BGN. There are 2 payment methods:

  • 1. Current Accounts:
    • Vladislav Ivanchov, Attorneys at Law
    • IBAN: BG97UNCR70001522168593
    • UniCredit Bulbank
  • 2. Еpay – At sales offices by Еpay`s Branch Network throughout the country. You have to specify the client number: 0341149450.

Art. 21 The answer of the inquiry, either paid or unpaid, should be received in the term, mentioned in art. 5 of the General terms and conditions.


Use of cookies

Art. 22 The cookies are small files of given website, stored in the user’s computer. They serve for storing of information for the site and for the actions of the user in it, e.g. if he/she wants to remain logged in, which are the most visited sites etc., incl. if he/she has agreed using cookies. They can be used as for the improvement of the user experience, as well for the creation of profile of the user in accordance with the attendance of the site and pages in it. Usually this profile is used with the purpose of targeting.

Art. 23 The cookies, used in this site, collect the following information:

  • Identification of the logged in users and their settings;
  • Remembering of the users, who have commented in order to be facilitated the next time, when they make comments;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Google +;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • AddThis;
  • remembering the consent for using of cookies,


Art. 24 During using the site, with pressing of the button OK of the message, which appears after opening of the site, the user gives his/her consent to use cookies. Apart from that, the user may set his/her browser to allow cookies, to use cookies only from some sites or to block cookies from concrete sites, as well the term of validity of the cookies. However, then, it may be necessary to be set some parameters at each visit of given site or some of the functions to be blocked. More information about cookies here: aboutcookies.org.


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